How BeerSaver6 Works

Research has shown that the application of the patented process in BeerSaver™6 works in two ways, which are unique to BeerSaver™6. The patented digital field reduces the rate of deposition of sugars, proteins and yeast on the inner pipe surface. BeerSaver™6 enables long and reliable periods between cleans i.e. 4 weeks up to 7 weeks between line cleans (Subject to cellar conditions and temperatures). The equipment consists of a specifically tuned BeerSaver™6 unit, which is connected to NON-INVASIVE DEVELOPED COILS that slide over the existing beer lines on draught and cask ales.

This system has been developed through 2015 to avoid altering any BREWERY and beer supplier’s cellar fittings.

Follow up from inquiry procedure

  • A full complimentary cellar survey.
  • On installation a full line clean on all product lines.
  • On completion of a 4 week trial a further complimentary line clean is carried out and an evaluation of the condition of the beers is undertaken to evaluate if a 4 week ongoing cycle is possible.
  • Full support and attention at all times if, and when required, as per our customer care package.

BeerSaver6 operates using a sophisticated and constantly changing, electromagnetic field to diminish/delay the formation of Biofilm which is the habitat of the microbes which cause the deterioration of beer quality. It also reduces the process of the microbes to bond together and multiply. It achieves this by holding these solids in suspension in the beer line so that there is no residual Yeast Build up to adhere to the walls of the pipe.

The natural processes involved tend to accelerate as temperatures go up so Beer Cellar Temperatures at the correct levels are of paramount importance. Given that the Pub Cellar Temperature is within the optimum limits the BeerSaver6 works well with Free Flow and Metered Systems.



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