Some Of the Nasties That Can Affect Your Beer Lines

When you run any sort of business – or even something that is not a business such as a men’s club – and you serve beer from the cellar, you have to maintain your beer lines by cleaning them every week. Yes, it’s tedious, it’s boring, and it wastes perfectly good beer that you flush down the drain, but it still has to be done. If not, you will be serving bad beer – but not for very long because your business will suffer greatly if you do that.

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BeerSaver6 Can Save You A Small Fortune
BeerSaver6 installed their automatic beer line cleaning system.

One job every Publican doesn’t look forward to doing is cleaning beer lines, something that needs doing on a weekly basis and creates large volumes of wasted and costly beer.

The BeerSaver6 system eliminates the need for weekly cleans and 4 weekly intervals are achievable, the easiest way to save you beer, time, water, chemicals and money.  No upfront costs and affordable rental is paid if satisfied after a no obligation free trial. Full complimentary line clean on installation and a follow up clean at 4 weeks, you make the final decision on the BeerSaver6 system.

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Reasons Why You Need A FOB Detector
view of a bar that has had an automatic beer line cleaning system installed.

When you get to an empty keg or cask, your tap starts to spit and spray foam. On long draw beer line runs this can mean that every time you change a cask or keg you will waste over 3 pints of beer. Three pints doesn’t sound a lot, but at, say, £3.50 a pint, that is costing you £10.50 in lost sales every time you change a cask. Obviously, it depends on the length of your beer line, but it could work out at even more.

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Take the BeerSaver™6 Challenge today and see how much you could save!