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Microbial Inhibitor (LED Monitoring System)
Microbial Inhibitor (LED Monitoring system)


Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd is the sole owner of the BeerSaver™6 brand including the technology used in its manufacture. CSS Ltd wholly owns the patents and trademarks.

We as a Company are constantly working on new research and development with digital technology, hence the new BeerSaver™6 development, which extends line cleaning cycle from weekly UP TO 4 TO 7 WEEK INTERVALS. TOTALLY NEW DESIGN AND NON INVASIVE SYSTEM, UK manufactured, patented and trademarked. Totally different from the previous BeerSaver that replaced product drop lines in the cellar.


  • BeerSaver6 is the brand name of Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd, an East Midlands based company supplying the Licensed Trade throughout the UK with a unique Beer Line Microbial Inhibitor System designed to save money and improve quality.
  • Already the technology involved has crossed the Atlantic and is proving equally successful in the USA where the Shipyard Brewing Company, based in Maine, sells its craft beers across forty states. Shipyard is now one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the USA
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