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Clean Beer Lines and successful Beer Line Cleaning Procedures generally are the key to consistent, high quality beers served to the customer in the bar, often far removed from the actual beer cellar itself. This involves the wastage of otherwise sound and saleable beer, the use of caustic cleaning materials and a lot of hard work usually on a weekly basis. Fitting BeerSaver6, a Beer Line Cleaner, in your cellar will guarantee you a cleaning cycle of at least four weeks (and often considerably more) resulting in real cash savings, improved net profits, but, most important of all, the highest possible quality of beer in the customer’s glass. The more satisfied the drinker in the bar, the more he will come back for a re-fill!

How BeerSaver6 Works

The non-invasive BeerSaver6 coils slide over existing beer lines on all keg or cask beers and ales, completely avoiding any alteration of brewery or beer supplier’s cellar fittings
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The BeerSaver6 unit runs at all times, producing a patented digital field that reduces the rate of deposition of problematic sugars, proteins and yeast on the inner pipe surface
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Enjoy the savings in time and money with a reduced cleaning schedule, in optimum cellar conditions the BeerSaver6 unit can increase the time between cleans to up to 6 weeks
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Research & Development

At Cambridge Scientific we are leading the research in the field of biofilm formation reduction, following years of development our technology was applied to create the BeerSaver6 system

Beer Symposium report

A brief report by David Quain, Abhishek Banik & Paul Hughes, International Centre for Brewing & Distilling, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland Draught

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Randalls Brewery in Guernsey

Roger Protz, of the Morning Advertiser, reports on how MD Ian Rogers and his team at Randalls Brewery in Guernsey, have transformed their fortunes

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