Research & Development

BeerSaver™6 is the result of years of exhaustive research and development by Cambridge Scientific Solutions to produce a system that is both efficient and simple to use. BeerSaver™6 has been extensively tested and endorsed by independent experts and microbiologists. Below, you will find downloads of the results and reports of this research and reviews of the system.

Extensive R&D through out 2015 has resulted in the production of the BeerSaver™6 system, with results proving this new digital technology extends the line cleaning cycle from a one week clean, to a to six week cleaning cycle without jeopardizing beer quality.

BeerSaver™6 is a NON INVASIVE system, fitted without disruption of any brewery or beer supplier’s equipment, in the cellar environment.

White Papers & Articles

International Centre of Brewing and Distilling report

An independent report on the application of BeerSaver™6 technology in the assurance of beer hygiene in the on-trade by Professor David Quain, International Centre of Brewing and Distilling, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Beer Symposium report

A brief report by David Quain, Abhishek Banik & Paul Hughes, International Centre for Brewing & Distilling, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland Draught

The Extraordinary World of Biofilms

An article about how biofilms form in the brewing industry and the implications that they have, from Brewer & Distiller International, July 2009.

Randalls Brewery in Guernsey

Roger Protz, of the Morning Advertiser, reports on how MD Ian Rogers and his team at Randalls Brewery in Guernsey, have transformed their fortunes and the part that BeerSaver™6 played in helping them to cut costs and improve the quality of their products.

Food & Drink Matters

Awarded ‘Digital Technology Company of the Month’ by Food and Drink Matters, read our write up on page 5

Liquid Guardian USA Independent Study

Liquid Guardian is an independent draught beer dispense testing and consulting company in the US, they successfully tested the BeerSaver system over an 8 week cycle, click to view the report



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