Past Projects

The patented BeerSaver6 unit is used in pubs, bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and venues all across the UK, here’s what some of them have to say…
Federal Jacks – ME, USA The Shipyard Brewing Company has been using the Beer Saver USA system at our original brew pub in Kennebunk Maine for over four years.
Torquay Central Conservative Club We have had Beersaver operating in our cellar since February 2012 and we are delighted with the results, our members tell us the beer has never been better and the savings made by not having to throw beer away each week is helping us financially.
Peterborough Greyhounds After 6 years and 3 brewery suppliers we still save £12000p.a. and have pipes in excellent condition. If a brewery was unhappy with the system we would change brewery. With 70 heads 3 cellars and pipes up to 80 metres long Beersaver is a boon.